Fresh AF Farms

It's a pleasure to meet you! We grow nutrient filled, flavor packed microgreens in an all natural chemical free environment.

What is Fresh AF Farms?

We are a family owned and local urban farm. What started out as a healthy hobby, has flourished into the opportunity to provide nutritious, chemical free microgreens. Climate controlled, indoor growing allows us to grow with less water, land, and without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. We are so much more than an organic vegetable farm. We are friends and family working together to help introduce a diverse, healthy, and responsibly grown produce that is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Our menu is always being updated and rotating to provide a variety of delicious microgreens all year round.  Come visit us at Fresh AF Farms social media sites, we’d love to connect with you! 


Our customers are raving about us!

Fresh AF Love 

So tasty and healthy! Highly recommend!

Alison Caddy McGraw

I bought micro greens off of Fresh AF Farms a week ago and they are already gone! My kids and husband LOVED them. I put them in salads, wraps and soups... they compliment any dish. They are versatile and flavorful and are more than just ‘toppers!’ I recommend using them in; beet salad, on avocado toast and in vegetable soup. I will be a customer for life

Cortney Langerholc


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